the surroundings

Through using public or private transports, from Terrasini you can easily reach Palermo, the largest and most beautiful city in Sicily. You can explore Palermo and its charming historical centre, with its unique Arab-Norman buildings such as the Palazzo Reale and its Cappella Palatina, or the Cathedral (which are included in the UNESCO World Heritage list:, magnificent theatres, historical squares and building, which reveal the thousands year history of Palermo.

From Terrasini, in less than one hour you can also easily explore Trapani and its gorgeous salt pans, the beautiful medieval city of Erice and the unique phoenician city of Mozia, as well as the reserve of the Zingaro and the town of San Vito lo Capo, famous for its beautiful beaches and cous cous.

In about fourty minutes, you can also reach the archaeological area of Segesta, which includes a magnificent Greek temple and an original Greek theatre, where during summers you can see Latin plays and Greek tragedies.